Want portal on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad?

I was browsing Reddit the other night and stumbled upon a post of pure gold. A dev by the name of Jeremy Slavitz had launched an app in the app store for iPhones, iPod touches and iPads called wormholes. Hesitantly, I clicked the link only to be taken to the app store where my eyes lit up like gems in my skull. Here, before me, was a pretty good knockoff version of portal for your iDevices.
I quickly hit the download button and sat there for the 30 secconds biting my nails in excitement while waiting for the app to install.
It finnished and I opened it…

It was perfect!

Okay, so not perfect. There are some texture graphics within the game that could be better but this game had already passed all my previous expectations. The controls were nice, the walking pace was a little slow for my liking but then again I’m pretty picky.
I got up to the fourth level and stopped. I had to let you all know. The world would be worse off without hearing about this awesome game.


But are you ready for the best part? THE GAME IS FREE!!! COMPLETELY FREE!!!
so what I recommend you do right now, right this instant, is to click here to be taken to the app.

I don’t know how long this game will be up for so go! download it and leave a good review for the guy.

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